The Basics: Q and A

The Basics Of AIM (All Inclusive Method)

What is AIM?

AIM (All Inclusive Method) is a spiritual healing technology that evolved from the devotion to and life’s work of Stephen Lewis in the healing arts and spirituality. From a successful private healing practice that only a limited number of people could access and afford, his research, persistence and commitment, along with that of his business partners, Roberta Hladek and Evan Slawson, culminated in the closing of the practice in 1999 to launch the program that now assists nearly 60,000 people world-wide in healing all their hereditary/karmic and acquired energetic imbalances, 24/7. EMC² believes energetic imbalances are potentials in your consciousness for physical manifestation of negative issues, and that if you remove these imbalances from your consciousness, they can neither manifest nor be sustained in the physical realm. Well-known author and consumer advocate and former patient of Stephen’s, Kevin Trudeau, calls AIM his “health assurance”.

The effectiveness and comprehensiveness of the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing is unmatched in its ability to help increase the life force, well-being and consciousness of its participants while they continue to lead their busy lives. Participants are adults, kids of all ages and pets of all kinds. Many even place photos of their home or other property or objects on the AIM trays, although inanimate objects do not have life forces and there are no specific balancing energies for objects – many simply believe everything is energy, that everything has a vibration and that positive vibrations contribute positive energy to everything. Your Facilitator can direct you to audio recordings devoted to how well animals do on AIM and also to the topic of objects on AIM.


What is energetic balancing?

EMC² believes energetic imbalances in consciousness are the precursors to or potentials for eventual negative physical manifestation if you do not heal or remove them from your consciousness. The term energetic balancing refers to the process of the participant selecting any and all balancing energies available to them via the AIM trays that they need to help them heal all their imbalances and to heal them much more completely and quickly than they otherwise could or would. Once hereditary imbalances are self-healed, they are gone and cannot be passed on to one’s offspring.

While others may refer to the work they do as energetic balancing, only EMC² offers and is the authority on the work as described on all EMC² web sites and in the book Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness.


What is the Energetic Matrix?

EMC² thinks of the energetic matrix as the “true self” of the individual. In other words, we are beings of pure energy. The energetic matrix is the most fundamental expression of our true being. Energetic imbalances exist not in the body or mind or emotions or other parts of us. They exist in our energetic matrix, but their presence can impact every part of us, mind, body and emotions.


How does AIM work?

AIM acts as a 24/7 energetic “tune-up” for energetic imbalances, be they hereditary or acquired. A huge bank of computers sends tens of thousands of subtle-energy balancing frequencies, the entire spectrum of “known” balancing energies, to metal trays that hold the photographs of AIM Program participants, which act as holographic stand-ins for their conscious presence. These energies are available to the participants, no matter where they are. Each person, with their higher consciousness, selects, 24/7, any and all balancing energies they need, for as long as each is needed, and in the order in which each is needed by them, to self-heal, first working on imbalances most recently acquired, then moving to deeper and deeper layers of hereditary imbalances. It’s the belief of EMC² that an imbalance in consciousness is both the precursor of and the template for a subsequent imbalance in the physical realm if it is not healed or removed from your consciousness. View the Virtual Tray Tour video.

In addition to balancing energies to help you heal hereditary and acquired imbalances, there are additional energies that are specific activating frequencies that enable you to select automatically those frequencies you need at any given time and to bypass all those you don’t need. Your higher self selects these as a matter of basic survival instinct. You are the authority on you; you know what you need and in what order. There are enhancing energies, too, that give you an added boost in increasing your life force and your ability to respond to energetic crises and that assist you in raising your consciousness, if that is your intention. Targeted anti-aging frequencies are also part of the AIM program. See Types of Frequencies on AIM on your Facilitator’s web site.


Why do you use photographs?

We use photographs as your energetic stand in. We could use your blood, saliva, hair or even your signature, anything that is unique to you, for energetic evaluation and as the vehicle for transmitting the balancing energies to you. We use photos as they are easier to submit, identify, digitize and place on the AIM trays.


Who developed the AIM Program and when?

The AIM Program was developed by Stephen Lewis following years of study in the healing arts, quantum mechanics and spirituality, coupled with years of private practice and the inspirations and support of Roberta Hladek (Jennifer in Sanctuary) who joined him in 1987, and then the third EMC² co-founder, Evan Slawson, who joined them several years later. Stephen and Evan co-wrote the novel Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness which chronicles, in novel format, the evolution of Stephen’s work from years of private practice and evaluations into the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing. EMC² was founded in 1998 by Stephen, Roberta and Evan. The actual AIM Program was launched in 1998-99 as discussed in the Epilogues in the book. The primary mission of EMC² is to offer the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing, a spiritual technology, to assist you in removing your energetic imbalances and in elevating your consciousness level. You can read more about the founders here.


How is the AIM Program different from EMC²’s previous approach detailed in Sanctuary?

Initially, office visits and individual evaluations were required, and EMC² was able to deliver only a limited spectrum of balancing energies, via remedy drops, at any given time. Even when they advanced to using photos and individual trays, an evaluation was required for the individual which was time consuming and very expensive. Major revelations, discussed in Sanctuary’s Epilogues, made AIM possible, and made it cost effective for people world-wide to receive much more comprehensive and effective healing support 24/7 with AIM (All Inclusive Method).


How many people participate in AIM?

The AIM Program has assisted nearly 60,000 people worldwide.


Is the AIM Program ever offered on a complimentary basis?

As part of our outreach activities, EMC² offers three scholarship programs. Children and adults with the frequency of Autism (diagnosis is irrelevant) or the frequency of Down Syndrome may enroll in the AIM Program free of charge. There are also a few scholarships available to anyone dealing with cystic fibrosis (CF), a new research area begun in 2010. To date, hundreds of children and adults worldwide have participated in the AIM Scholarship Programs. If you or someone you know would like additional information about these offerings, please contact your Facilitator for details on how to apply and the quarterly written report requirements that will have to be met by the parent or scholarship recipient. EMC² determines if children and adults are eligible for the scholarship program through energetic testing for the energetic imbalances of Autism, Down Syndrome or CF as appropriate. (There are numerous individual imbalances that are classed as the “frequency of autism” or the “frequency of Down Syndrome” or the “frequency of CF”.)

If qualified, these participants will be on the same AIM program as everyone else, and will select all frequencies they need, not just those directly related to Autism or Down Syndrome or CF. The primary parent of any qualifying child is offered a 50% discount to join their child on AIM at the time their child is initially given a scholarship. Part of the reason for this offering is to encourage the primary adult, at minimum, to be actively learning more about AIM, understanding the extent of self-healing participants achieve using AIM and to be aware of any program updates, thus making their quarterly reports informative and of value to everyone.

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